Why does this blog exist?

This blog is for people who are interested in all aspects of motoring. It is for people who like racing, driving, working on cars, or even just looking at pretty pictures of cars.

I started this page as my own way to help defend the motoring community against the constant attacks and criticisms from wider society. From ridiculous speed limits and excessive vehicle regulations through to taxes and overzealous police, motorists, and particularly motoring enthusiasts, face a daily barrage of threats trying to stop them from enjoying their passion.

On this blog, I will post articles, opinions and other information about events in the world of motoring. I hope that people will take the time to look at this page and consider the environment that faces motoring and the ongoing campaigns aimed at slowing down drivers and making them less competent.

Obviously, I welcome people making comments, sharing their own opinions and posting what they consider to be important to motoring enthusiasts.

Happy driving!