I’m not sold on self-driving cars

There’s some very interesting points made in this article about the recent trend towards self-driving cars. I would actually add one extra point to this article though, about why self-driving cars could be problematic. The focus on self-driving technology appears to ignore the fact that many people out there actually want to drive and enjoy driving.

If, in 20 or 30 years time, self driving cars are all that’s allowed on the road, then a hobby and passion held by many people is taken away. If progress towards self-driving cars continues to be made, there need to be safeguards in place to ensure that those who wish to drive their own vehicle can continue to do so. Self-driving technology needs to be developed and refined in such a way that it will co-operate with human drivers on the road, rather than simply replace them. But considering ho much more difficult that would be, I don’t have high hopes.


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