NSW Cop Goes 220 KM/H To Fine Dude $325 For Driving In Right-Hand Lane

It’s interesting to see the perspective that’s critical of the police in this article. I wonder if the article would have been just as critical of the police if the driver had been caught speeding instead sitting in the right-hand lane. Now, I’m not really one to defend the police, but I do believe that sitting in the right-hand lane without overtaking should be a bigger focus for fines.

The perspective of the article shows how the public has adopted some interesting double-standards when it comes to driving. Breaking one rule, such as sitting in the right-hand lane, is considered acceptable (or people at least see it as unfair to be punished for it), but breaking another law, like speeding, seems to attract a zero-tolerance approach.

And as for the driver not knowing the rules regarding driving in the right-hand lane, he is either just bullshitting and is thus one of those arrogant pricks for that just sits in the right-hand lane for no reason, or he is telling the truth, in which case he probably shouldn’t be driving at all. Another failure of the licensing system perhaps? Rant complete.


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