Road fatalities rise, despite greater focus on speed limits

So, despite the introduction of the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) more than 5 years ago, the Australian Automobile Association has recently found that road fatalities have increased by almost 8% since it was introduced. Some of the goals of the NRSS include speed limit reductions, increased installation of speed cameras, further public campaigns on the importance of complying with speed limits and increased police presence on roads.

Not a single one of the 59 NRSS goals relates to improving the standard of skill required to obtain a licence or teaching drivers about ‘road etiquette’. Is it any surprise that the death toll has not gone down? This strategy is just another example of the narrow-minded approach taken by governments, which always considers speed, rather than driver ignorance and poor road skills, as the main factor contributing to deaths on the road.

You can find the NRSS here: nrss_2011_2020; and a link to the report by the Australian Automobile Association:

Perhaps it’s time for a rethink on the ways to address road safety.

Happy driving 🙂



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